About me

“You know the drill. You’re past the age of 40, employed by the same employer for over 25 years. No husband and no children. The means and the will to do something totally different in your life. You can think of it as a ‘changing course’ story.

In 2002, I was on holiday in Morocco for the first time. The country appealed to me enormously, I felt at home. Then you start thinking. Do I want to keep working in the office for another 25 years or am I going to start something completely different in another country, an adventure, a new life? Leave everything behind me and make a fresh start?

For me then, the choice was quickly made. I knew it would be a huge challenge and that there was a very real chance of failure.  But I took that risk.  Where there is a will, there is a way, that is all too true”.

Owner of a dream

Dutchwoman Liesbeth emigrated to Morocco in 2007, chasing her dream of owning her own hotel. With a lot of energy and perseverance, she had her Kasbah Chez Amaliya built from scratch in the style of a small castle.

During the construction work, she met her current husband Hassan, with whom she lives now about two kilometres from the hotel in the beautiful Ammeln Valley. She also passes on her love for the region to her guests. Guests who love peacefulness, nature, hiking, cycling and mountain climbing.