There are a number of fantastic excursions from Auberge Kasbah Chez Amaliya. The following is a brief description of some of the most popular excursions. Don’t miss them!

The Auberge Kasbah Chez Amaliya is situated at the beginning of a pedestrian path, making it an excellent starting point for several hikes in the Valley of Ameln.

For those that enjoy solitary hikes, this is also a possibility! Below are 2 GPS walks options:

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Exclusive guided excursions

Guided excursions


To Tafraoute across the mountains – visit Tafraoute (market on Wednesday) – visit the village of Tazzka (granite rocks and prehistoric carving of a gazelle) – visit the village of Aday – picnic

One day hike (9.00 till 16.00)

You will enjoy the beautiful views on your hike from Auberge Kasbah Chez Amaliya to Tafraoute up & across the granite range. It is very possible to see a herd of goats and some nomad tents on the way. To reach Tafraoute takes two hours. Tazzka is a village situated 2 km from Tafraoute where the houses are built around the rocks. Return from Tazzka across Aday to Ameln valley. Aday is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages around Tafraoute. It therefore contributes significantly to his fame. Built at the foot of a rocky chaos with polished pink shapes by erosion, the village grabs typical houses, some threatening ruin, others were happily colored. This is the mosque with its purple hue that gives its stamp to the site.


  • 275 dirhams / € 27,50 p.p. (incl. lunch, 4 persons or more)
  • 315 dirhams / € 31,50 p.p. (incl. lunch, 3 persons)
  • 365 dirhams / € 36,50 p.p. (incl. lunch, 2 persons)


Hiking in the Canyons of Ait Mansour – picnic

One day (4×4 WD with driver) (9.00 till 16.00)

The spectacular and verdant gorges of Ait Mansour are located some 28 km to the south of Tafraoute, and as well as some impressive scenery, visitors here can enjoy some traditional Berber villages and hospitality. The hamlet in the bottom of a lush palm-filled gorge is really fascinating (and resembles Arizona). We will hike through the canyons and have a picnic for lunch.


  • 630 dirhams / € 63,00 p.p. (incl. picnic, 4 persons or more)
  • 745 dirhams / € 74,50 p.p. (incl. picnic, 3 persons)
  • 860 dirhams / € 86,00 p.p. (incl. picnic, 2 persons)

Price own landcruiser:

  • 265 dirhams / € 26,50 p.p. (incl. picnic, 4 persons or more)
  • 345 dirhams / € 34,50 p.p. (incl. picnic, 3 persons)
  • 390 dirhams / € 39,00 p.p. (incl. picnic, 2 persons)


Hike in Ameln Valley to Asguine and Anameur (source bleu) – picnic

– One day hike in the Ameln valley (9.00 till 16.00)

We will leave the hotel early in the morning to make a hike through Ameln Valley. In Asguine we take a look at Massoud’s work.
Mister Massoud divides the valuable water destined for agriculture and washing among the inhabitants. Outside, next to the water basin he will explain and show you how this works. After our visit to Massoud we will walk to Anameur and visit the spring. We will have a picnic there. Return from Anameur walking through the valley back to Ameln.


  • 320 dirhams / € 32,00 p.p. (incl. picnic, 4 persons or more)
  • 400 dirhams / € 40,00 p.p. (incl. picnic, 3 persons)
  • 450 dirhams / € 45,00 p.p. (incl. picnic, 2 persons)


Walk to Oumesnat across the valley – visit the Traditional House – discover the ruins of an old deserted Berber village

– Half day walk in the Ameln valley (9.00 till 13.00)

During this excursion you will be in the heart of the Ameln Valley. Discover how the Berber people lived here in the last centuries. Enjoy the serene beauty of the valley.


  • 160 dirhams / € 16,00 p.p. (incl. entrance TH, 4 persons or more)
  • 195 dirhams / € 19,50 p.p. (incl. entrance TH, 3 persons)
  • 220 dirhams / € 22,00 p.p. (incl. entrance TH, 2 persons)